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My battery will not complete a full round of golf

Was your battery fully charged before use? You must ensure that the battery is charged fully until the green light is illuminated on the charger.

My battery stops during a round of golf

Your battery is packed with electronics to monitor and protect it from abuse. If in the unlikely event that you push the battery beyond its designed capability, it will protect itself by shutting down. If this abuse is only light the battery will restart automatically as soon as the load is taken off. If the abuse is of a major nature, the battery will shut down and will need to be disconnected from the trolley and reconnected to reset the electronics and restart the battery. If your battery keeps stopping on course then please contact your supplier for further advice.

My charger stops and starts during charging

If your charger lights and fan stops when you first plug the battery in to charge, do not worry. Sometimes the electronics in the charger will need to balance with the electronics in the battery. This is quite normal, just be sure the plug is fully in and making good contact, the flashing will stop after a short time. If it fails to stop please contact your supplier for further advice.

My Battery will not charge

If your battery stops working entirely, will not charge and appears dead. It has most likely shut down to protect itself because it was not charged soon enough after the last time it was used. The Mini Miser battery has a protection device that will shut the battery down to prevent major damage if the batteries state of charge drops below a preset level. In normal use the battery will never reach this level but if left for long periods (i.e. more than two weeks) uncharged this protection could activate. If you think this has happened please contact your supplier for advice.

What happened if I only part discharge my Mini Miser  battery?

Mini Miser lithium Batteries do not suffer from any “memory effect” unlike some other high technology batteries. If a Mini Miser battery is only part discharged the only result is that it will charge faster! There will be no damage done.

Are Lithium batteries dangerous?

Some lithium batteries can be under certain situations. There are many different lithium compounds used in batteries. The Mini Miser battery is a LiFeP04 compound battery or Lithium Cobalt Manganese battery. This type of battery is recognized as the safest form of Lithium batteries as, unlike other compounds, it does not suffer from a phenomenon known as “thermal run away”. A condition whereby a battery on charge or discharge can destroy itself through internal heat generation caused by high overcharge or high rate of discharge or other abusive conditions including impact damage. This is why Mini Miser batteries are the lightweight batteries of choice for electric vehicle manufacturers.

How do I dispose of my Mini Miser  battery ?

Your Mini Miser battery can be disposed of at any registered recycling point or alternatively you can return it to for safe and environmentally friendly disposal to your local council recycling depot